Portland Now, Inc.

The Historic Portland Neighborhood of Louisville, Ky.

February 2015 minutes


Minutes—February 3, 2015

Portland Now, Inc. at Neighborhood House


Board Members present: Becki Winchel, Gary Watrous, Gerald (Jehri) Cummins, Mary Turner, Lloyd Hoagland, Myrtle Dodson, Larry Stoess, Mary Leffler, Cindy Calvelo, Suzanne Bernert, Evie O’Connell. 


Board Members absent: Tommy Barnes (excused), Debra Richards-Harlan (excused), Lisbeth Lanpher(excused), John Eberman (excused), Bobby Hickey(excused), Drew Watkins (excused), Michael Weinert,

Neighborhood Institute, Gina Stiltner, Neighborhood Institute and Lynn Quire (excused).


General Members/Guests: Betty Villier, Jason Abadie, Alice Garrett, Pete O’Connell, Sy Safi, Nate Pederson, Jen Hurley, Richard Meadows, Zach Rothwell, Kathy Stoess, Jennifer Strane-Harris, Mike Neagle , John Hicks, Della Logsdon, Edward Logsdon, five Logsdon children, Daniel Morgan, Dan Hund, Danny McDole, Margaret Love, Kerrie Clifford, Chris Clifford, and Danny Recktenwald.  Kendall Nash and Latoya Whitlock with ECHO, (Exploited Children’s Help Organization).                                 


A. Meeting called to order by Becki Winchel at 6:30 pm. There was a quorum. Introductions were made. The new format sign-in sheet is being circulated. If you are new, please fill out information on last page. If you are current, check mark by your name and make sure all information is correct.


B. Recognize guests: Becki Winchel welcomed and recognized guests. She reminded folks to refrain from side conversations.


C. Review and approval of January 2015 minutes. Alice Garrett called for a correction to January minutes, she was not present. Call for motion to approve as corrected, Richard Meadows made motion to accept as corrected, Daniel Morgan seconded. No nays, no abstains, motion passed and minutes were approved with correction.


D. First Division Police Report: No one was present from First Division


E. Treasurers Report: Jehri gave overview of report. Nate Pederson asked about Internet costs, Becki and Jehri explained that it was for Secretary as Internet needed to complete her work. John Hicks asked about Gateway Project account, Gary explained that it was for the sign at 22nd Street, and maintenance for sign. Alice Garrett suggested something be done about area at Bank Street ramp to Bank Street.  Becki made motion to accept, Alice seconded. Motion passed and Treasurers report was approved


F. Guest Speakers:

1. Kendall and Latoya gave background information of ECHO. They have been in place for 30 years. They were created when Anne Gotlieb disappeared in the 1980’s. Their members act as advocates for children who have been exploited or abused in some manner. They educate children about abuse and exploitation. Their new project is titled, “Transforming Our communities”, it is a pilot program. They are partnering with Neighborhood House to have a back to school event for kids and parents. The project will cover Metro districts 4, 5, 6 and 15 due to high rate of abuse in these areas. They need Portland Now to help make event successful. They go to schools and events to help spread the word. Becki asked if they could come to the event that PNI is planning for the spring.


G. Committee Reports:


1. Portland Art and Heritage Fair:   Becki asked the members if they felt we should have a Portland Art & Heritage Fair again this year, by a show of hands. All the people present felt we should have the event again this year. Gary asked how many people would participate in some manner. Most everyone agreed to participate in some manner this year. Becki stated two people had stepped up and agreed to be co-chairs.  There will be a follow-up on this event at March’s meeting.


2. Finance:  There was no meeting this month.


3. Beautification and Clean-up:  Mary Leffler stated they will be getting T-Shirts with the PUP (Picking up Portland) logo. She passed around the choices.  She stated the Gina is building a greenhouse at the Shippingport gardens on Montgomery Street. They need about 1,500 plastic soft drink bottles, 1-liters and single size. The do not need the caps. Gary asked stated he was interested in greenhouses and wondered how they would be built. Mary told Gary that Gina is the one to talk to about them. Becki will send link to information to Facebook and website.


4. Revitalization:  Gary has talked to Joe Reverman, and was told that they had not forgotten and that Metro Council had just finished up what they needed to do. Gary said he will keep on Joe to make sure this zoning is completed. He gave a brief over view of what the Revitalization Committee does, it includes but not limited to, Zoning, Planning, Housing, and Demolition. Have not been receiving any demolition notices recently. That at one time when those notices were sent a member would visit the site and pass on whether it should be demolished or not, they acted as a team to make sure good property remained standing.


5. Membership:  Gary reminded folks to look at the new sign in sheet and make sure they have a dollar sign by their name, if not then they need to pay their dues, see him after meeting.


6. Communication and Website:  No new information.


7. Police Auxiliary:  Dan stated that there had been an Officer of the Month selected and awarded.  There is a new Major at the District, Andrea Brown. She had been and Officer in the First Division several years ago. She is the first female Major in the Division. She looks forward to visiting Portland Now when she is able.

Dan also talked about the NextDoor Portland site for neighborhood communication. He set this up last year and many people have signed up recently.  The web address for that site is: https://portlandlouisville.nextdoor.com/news_feed/

It is not for folks to be rude to each other, no drama, if so the post will be eliminated. 


8. Portland Museum: No report.


H. Announcements & New Business:  


1.Meeting on February 9th, at 6:30 pm at Western Middle School about MSD and the catch basins they are building in the Wharf Park and 17th and Bank Street. For more information visit their website. www.msdprojectWIN.org


 2. Daniel Morgan announced that member Bethany Pratt is attending the Neighborhood Institute. She is one of four attending this session. She is looking for projects to complete for her training. If you have any ideas please contact her at: bethany.pratt@gmail.com.


 3.John Hicks—nominations for West Louisville Connectors are still being accepted, there is a box on the sign-In table to drop your nominations into. The last day is Sunday, February 8. Portland people are needed.


4. Nate Pederson had some information and suggestions for us.

a.) February 15th is the date to plant onions.

b.) Thinks we should do more biking, especially along NW Parkway.

c.) That we should look at the different places for the Underground Railroad and make sure that others know about them.

d.) If you have repairs needed on a canoe, contact Nate for more information.

e.) People should start looking at the QR code and learn what that is about.


5. Becki announced that Louisville Grows will have a “Board Raiser” event at the Green Building, located at 732 E. Market St. on February 12th from 5:30 to 7:00. If anyone is interested in becoming a Board Member for Louisville Grows, make plans to attend this event.


6. Many members from Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, including Becki Winchel our President, will be attending a protest in Frankfort on the steps of the Capitol on February 12th. If anyone wants to go, let Becki know and she will make sure you can attend.


7. Richard Meadows reminded everyone that today marks the 56th Anniversary of the plane crash that inspired the song, “The Day the Music Died”, killing several musicians, including Buddy Holly.


8. McQuixote Coffee Shop may buy used books all day Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday from 5:30 ‘til 7:00 is fiber craft night.


9. PNI Member Retreat Saturday, February 21, 2015—10 am until 2 pm—registration needed for this event.


Next meeting: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at Neighborhood House.  Pizza at 6 pm. Board/business meeting begins at 6:30 pm.


Motion to adjourn was made by Becki Winchel. Motion was seconded by Daniel Morgan. All agreed. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.


Respectively submitted by Mary Turner, Board Secretary

January 2015


Board Members present: Becki Winchel, Gary Watrous, Gerald (Jehri) Cummins, Mary Turner, Lloyd Hoagland, Myrtle Dodson, Larry Stoess, Mary Leffler, Cindy Calvelo, Lynn Quire and Suzanne Bernert, Gina Stiltner, Evie O’Connell and Michael Weinert.  Board Members absent: Tommy Barnes, Debra Richards-Harlan, Lisbeth Lanpher, John Eberman, Bobby Hickey and Drew Watkins.


General Members/Visitors: Danny McDole, Jason Abadie, , Kathy Stoess, Richard Meadows, Sy Safi, Nate Pederson, Pete O’Connell, Karen Blanton, Jennifer Strane-Harris, Dan Hund, Mike Neagle, Gregg Rochman, Gill Holland, Judy Schroeder, Kerrie Clifford, Chris Clifford, Daniel Morgan, Bethany Pratt, Martin Montero, Sara Day Evans, Shirley Miller, Liberty Benefield, Marty Quire and John Hicks .


A. Meeting called to order by Becki Winchel at 6:32 pm. There was a quorum. Becki recognized guests.


B. First Division Police Report: No report


C. 1. Review and approval of November 2014 minutes: Judy Schroeder made motion to approve November minutes, Dan Hund Seconded. Minutes were approved.

     2. Review and approval of December 2014 minutes: Myrtle Dodson made motion to approve, Daniel Morgan seconded. Minutes were approved.


D. Treasurers Report: Jehri gave rundown of report. Lynn Quire made motion to accept, Gary Watrous seconded. Motion passed and Treasurers report was approved


E. Committee Reports:

1. Portland Art and Heritage Fair:    Gary stated that it will be done again, if we can find a chair and co-chair for the event. Becki was very happy with volunteer turnout.

2. Finance:  Judy stated that we did not receive the Community Foundation grant we applied for, but that we can still do a large portion of what we wanted to do with the grant. We may not be able to have research and analysis of housing market by Center for Neighborhoods. Cheri and Metro Council no longer do reimbursements. Money for the festival will have to be applied for before the event.  Finance committee meeting will be held on Thursday January 22nd. Time and place to be announced.

3. Beautification and Clean-up:  Liberty Benfield feels we should start an anti-littering campaign. Evie thinks an education campaign about how litter affects neighborhoods could be started. PUP will meet on January 15th at 6:00 at Dairy Queen.

4. Revitalization:  Will be meeting soon. Joe Reverman is working on zoning issues, waiting to meet with him again.  Jehri told Gary that Betty Villier had noticed that the “Welcome to Historic Portland” signs posts are rotting at ground level, she was going to decorate for Christmas and did not, due to condition of posts. Gary will follow-up. Revitalization is discussing the possibility of adding economic development to its work.

5. Membership:  If you have not paid your dollar for membership please see Gary at the end of the meeting.

6. Communication and Website:  Mary Turner had not report. Committee will be set up and meet soon.

7. Police Auxiliary:  Dan stated that the party was a success. About 900 children came through. Gill spoke about one child who wanted to give his gift to the hospital for a sick child, because someone in his class has cancer. Gill felt it was one of the most unselfish actions he has seen from a child.

Dan also talked about the Nextdoor Portland site for neighborhood communication. He set this up last year and many people have signed up recently the web address for that site is: https://portlandlouisville.nextdoor.com/news_feed/

Nate stated he joined a Facebook page for Portland, possibly Portland Now Resource group.

8. Portland Museum:  Dan reported that the Museum had a workshop for elementary aged children on December, 29th, 30th and 31st. He also passed around copies of the pictures that the Museum want to use for the Family Dollar store at 22nd and Bank St.  If you know of any 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade kids interested in the workshops please contact Teresa Lee at the Portland Museum, 776-7678.


F. Guest Speakers: John Hawkins from the Center for Neighborhoods, spoke about the Neighborhood Institute. There is room for three people form Portland. It is a free 12-week course in leadership training. Anyone interested please fill out application. The classes will be held at New Directions located at 1000 E. Liberty St.  First class is January 27th. Any Portland Now board member that wishes to attend will be excused from meetings. Nate feels it is great training. Gina felt that the attendees could do the self-directed projects could be for the committees.

There will be a Green Institute in August.  There was some discussion of these courses being offered to the Portland Now board and membership, as we have about 50 people involved.


G. Announcements & New Business:  1.Mike Naegle spoke to Becki about the possibility of having a family friendly event to encourage younger people to participate.  Possibly have it at Neighborhood House as Jen has already received approval. It will occur in mid-May.  Event will include about 120 people.

2. Gary announced that an architect by the name of Mitchell Kersting is renovating his building at the corner of 19th and Duncan, 231 N. 19th, and will have an open house on Saturday, January 17th at 11 am.

3. Good Garbage has two service projects going. One is the Chemo care kits they will be working on the on January 19th from 10:30-12:00. Volunteers are welcome and needed. The other one is making Valentine cards for kids. This will occur on January 31 at her shop from 11-2, for class parties and Kosair. Asking for donations of $1 for candy. Adults will make the cards. Pete asked about donation of $15 per kid. Lynn announced that Good Garbage did receive its 501 c 3 so donations may be tax deductible. She is also collecting T-shirts. Lynn told the membership that she is working with McQuixote Coffee Shop on a project where they are collecting photographs of Portland, scanning and returning to folks. Every Monday in January from 5:30 to 7pm they will collect photographs in exchange for free samples of their teas, coffee and hot chocolate.

4. Jackie McComb made a donation of $100 thanking Portland Now for doing good work for kids.

5. Kerrie suggested that residents be encouraged to have a tour of houses that have been renovated or rehabbed. She was given charge of this.


Next meeting: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at Neighborhood House.  Pizza at 6 pm. Board/business meeting begins at 6:30 pm.


Motion to adjourn made by Gary Watrous and seconded by Sy Safi.


Respectively submitted by Mary Turner, Board Secretary

December 2014

A. Meeting called to order by Becki Winchel at 6:32 pm. There was a quorum. Becki recognized guests.


B. First Division Police Report:  Things are getting better. Nate asked about motorcycles in the park and drug paraphernalia being found around neighborhood. Wharf Park is very secluded and hard to get into with cruisers. Nate asked if getting license numbers of other vehicles involved in criminal activity is desirable. What can be done to help with crime rate? Be aware of your neighborhood. If something is off call police. Richard Meadows told folks to watch out for package theft, it is on the rise. Margaret Love commended police action on mopeds that have been running up and down Baird Street. Betty asked about car vandalism.


C. Review and approval of November2014 minutes:  Wrong minutes were given, so minutes were not approved.


D. Treasure’s Report: Margaret made motion to approve, Gary seconded. Motion passed.


E. Guest Speakers: John Owen from Portland Business Association talked about the trash baskets throughout the neighborhood. He mentioned that Portland Now did not respond to his last request last year regarding trash baskets. Mary Turner told him he never brought the proposal to Portland Now, so we could not respond. Gary suggested he do it this year and also fill out request for money needed.  Jen is new Program Director at Neighborhood House. Nate Pederson spoke about the K & I Bridge needing opened for bicyclist. We told him many had tried but Norfolk Southern will not allow due to disability. He asked if a committee could be formed to address the situation. He will lead this committee.


F. Committee Reports:

1. Portland Art and Heritage Fair:  Gary asked people to fill out questionnaire to find out what they are willing to do for next year’s event if planned. We know we need more trolley’s for next time. Suggestion made by John Owen to have stops throughout neighborhood for those with mobility issues. He also felt we needed more history.

2. Finance Committee:


3. Clean-up: Mary Leffler. Mary said that Si had suggestions for getting the attention needed to stop people from littering. They consist of putting garbage in one spot in a park to bring attention to problem also aerial photographs to create awareness in other neighborhoods and the city at large. People need to recycle more. The group meets at Dairy Queen  the third Thursday of the month at 6 pm.


4. Revitalization: No report.


5. Membership: If you have not paid dues, please do so.


6. Communication and Website: No report


7. Police Auxiliary: Jerry Brinson told the group that the Children’s Christmas Party will be at Portland Recreation, Molly Leonard Community Center on Saturday, December 13 any one wishing to help set it up can come on the 12th and if you want to help with the party itself please do.


8. Portland Museum: No report.


G. Announcements & New Business: Portland Now gave out door prizes of five $20 cash gifts, DQ certificates and an item from Sandy’s Florist that Sandy Rogers donated.


Next meetingJanuary 6, 2014 at 6:00 at Neighborhood House.


Respectively submitted by Mary Turner, Board Secretary.